Monday, June 13, 2011


Paris...  I can't think of a better place to begin a vacation.  My husband and I had booked a two week Rick Steves tour that started in Paris and ended in Rome.  We had been to Europe several times before;  this trip would be a sort of sampler of the highlights of France, Switzerland, Germany and Italy, some familiar sights and a lot that was new.  We were looking forward to sitting back and enjoying the company and the scenery while someone else handled the details.  And I had big plans for watercolor sketching, and speaking French (passably) and Italian (badly).

We had planned a few days in Paris before the trip started to get oriented and have more time to do some things we missed on the last trip.  I didn't even try to paint on that first day: you arrive in the morning punch drunk from not having slept but exhilarated to finally be there.

On the second day I was more human.  In the afternoon I was sitting on a bench in Parc de Tour St. Jaque, near the Hotel de Ville,  trying to stay awake and to sketch.  This sweet looking grey haired gentleman approached with a movie camera and gestured: could he film me?  I nodded yes, and continued painting.  When he was finished he smiled at me and said "Grazie".  And I said, in Italian "I speak a little Italian."  To which he responded, in Italian "Better than me", smiled and went on his way.  So cool!  Sitting in a park in Paris, painting and speaking Italian after I had been speaking French all day.  This trip was off to a good start!

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