Friday, July 8, 2011

Ile St. Louis, Paris

This is my favorite sketch from Paris.  It was a perfect day, sunny and slightly warm.  We had visited Notre-Dame and were walking around it from the outside, looking at the huge arching flying buttresses.  Of course it's all familiar from photographs, but up close it's even more imposing and beautiful.

I considered painting the cathedral but I didn't think I could do it justice, so we continued walking to the edge of Ile de la Cite, where there's a little park that looks across to Isle St. Louis.  I love Ile St. Louis because it's a tiny gem of cute stores, boutiques, and the best ice cream shops in Paris.

To paint this I had found a convenient park bench, but in order to look over the embankment, I had to sit on the top edge of the seat back.  Not very comfortable, but sometimes you have to suffer for your art.  Poor me.. sitting in Paris on a sunny day, sketching and thinking about ice cream.

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