Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rodin's The Thinker

On our last visit to Paris we had loved the Rodin museum, so we wanted to see it again.  My husband especially loves sculpture, and I like the museum because it was actually the artist's home for a time,  although they have added a modern addition to display more of his work.  So together with Rodin's incredible sculpture in varying stages of completion, the house helps to gives you an insight into his work process and his daily life.

The garden is beautiful and moving, with carefully sculpted hedges and masses of pink roses contrasting with Rodin's large powerful sculptures such as his iconic "the Thinker" and his monumental "Gates of Hell"--a big black pair of double doors covered with writhing figures.  Much too soon the guards shoo'd us out of the garden to make way for a special event.   So we wandered over to the park behind Les Invalides and sat in a beautiful 17th century courtyard in the golden afternoon light and planned where to go for dinner.

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