Thursday, September 15, 2011

"So What Did He Say?" - Sold

These two girls looked totally absorbed in their drama of the moment, which, I imagined, was about their boyfriends.

Paris cafes are a great place to do people watching, as well as rest your feet after a day of touristy activities.  I love coffee, but in France if you order "un cafe, s'il vous plait."  you get an espresso.  It's wonderful and strong, but those cups are so tiny, I feel gypped out of my coffee enjoyment.  So, in the afternoon I order a cafe au lait, half coffee half milk, and at least you get a good-sized cup.   The French frown on ordering it in the afternoon--they only drink it with breakfast--but I don't care.


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Millie said...

Hi Linda: Lovely painting! I love the feeling of a very sunny day here.
By chance, I saw your comment on the Kristin Espinasse's french-word-a-day blog. And by clicking on your name, it brought me here. What a small world! We met in Jacksonville, last October 15, in a workshop. We even went out to a local art store there, if you remember :-)
I forgot if I've given you my blog address. Visit me there if you've got time.
Happy New Year!

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