Thursday, October 27, 2011

Munich Mounties

Munich's charm kind of crept up on us.  We spotted these mounted police in Munich's old town. What is it about horses that make cities seem more liveable?

And we kept getting glimpses of Munich residents enjoying life:  We had dined the night before at a large beer hall, where our group was lead through the festive dining room up a winding central stair to the second floor.  The night was mild and the windows were open onto the street.  Midway through our hearty dinner we heard some kind of celebration outside.  We leaned out the windows to see a stream of hundreds of cyclists, with a police car escort bringing up the rear, lights flashing.  Our guide told us that this ride is a popular weekly event for the locals. What a great way to enjoy the city and build community!

- Linda

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Among Friends

I didn't make this scene up!  The girls were chatting on one side of the river bank and ducks were engrossed in conversation not far away.   The ducks didn't stay as long as the girls; I drew fast and then painted them from memory.

This is the English Garden, a park in the center of Munich that is the largest on the Continent; bigger than Central Park. You really see the German sense of fun here; there are bikes everywhere, and on a sunny Sunday  everyone's out enjoying themselves.  The river has a spot that makes a natural wave, where the locals line up to surf.  Who knew you could surf in Munich?

- Linda

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hof Garten, Munich

It took me a while to warm up to Munich.  I'm not sure why, because its a beautiful historic human-scale European city, almost completely restored after World War II.  Maybe I had gotten so comfortable hearing and speaking French, that German--which I don't understand a bit--made me feel a bit alienated.

Anyway, after touring the beautiful and impressive The Residence palace, (in the same family for 800 years!), wandering the parks, and visiting the uber-modern BMW museum, we really learned to appreciate Munich.  We heard live Mozart by a pair of excellent street musicians in this rotunda by The Residence.

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