Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Venice Stroll II

So this is the large (30x40, oil on canvas) version of the sketch I posted last time, with a detail above.    I think it captures the beauty and charm of this corner of Venice at noon.  I especially like the figures, that I took from a different photo than the scene.  At one point I had painted them holding hands, but then I decided to keep it like the actual pose as you see it here.  It has a bit more mystery, I think; you wonder about their relationship more.

What do you think of the large painting vs. the sketch?  I did make some changes, the sky, the skyline, and some of the colors.  I find that even though I have the sketch to start with, the larger painting needs to find its own way, and I try to let it.

I'll be back to posting sketches next week.   I'll be at the Hyde Park Village Art Fair  this weekend in Tampa.  Hope to see you there!

- Linda

Friday, March 16, 2012

Venice Stroll

When I'm not happy with a painting, I know it's not in the details, so I look for larger elements that aren't working.  Somehow the last painting didn't work as well as I hoped; I think it didn't have enough large unifying shapes. 

So I decided to try this scene, also in Venice.  I love the shape of the darkness under the bridge and the spots of greenery and the flowers.  This one I'm pleased with and I've already started the 30x40 version. I like to do a sketch before I tackle a large painting, for just that reason.  I can resolve a lot of composition, value and color issues in the small version much easier than the large one.  Painting is hard enough;  I'll do whatever it takes to make it easier.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Supper at La Fenice

Hi friends!  I'm trying something new.  When you get this email, click on the grey "PaintbrushTravels" to get to my blog and see the current post.  I wanted you all to see my beautiful blog instead of just a boring white email.  Please let me know how it works and if it's an inconvenience.

So here's the post: 

This night in Venice we had had a lovely dinner with our tour group in a cozy restaurant near St Marks Square.  As we wandered back to our hotel, along one twisting alleyway after another we stumbled on this pleasant square.

My eye was first drawn to the restaurant and its inviting tables.  Then Chris recognized the building next door as La Fenice, the famous Venetian opera house.  We had recently read a book about the intrigue and scandal involved in the building's burning down in 1996, and finally being rebuilt and reopened in 2004.  La Fenice means the Phoenix, and the building has lived up to its name.  I liked the contrast of the warm light of the restaurant and the cool blues of the May evening sky reflected in the facade.

This painting is a sketch for a larger painting I'm planning.  I'll keep you posted!


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