Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Venice Stroll II

So this is the large (30x40, oil on canvas) version of the sketch I posted last time, with a detail above.    I think it captures the beauty and charm of this corner of Venice at noon.  I especially like the figures, that I took from a different photo than the scene.  At one point I had painted them holding hands, but then I decided to keep it like the actual pose as you see it here.  It has a bit more mystery, I think; you wonder about their relationship more.

What do you think of the large painting vs. the sketch?  I did make some changes, the sky, the skyline, and some of the colors.  I find that even though I have the sketch to start with, the larger painting needs to find its own way, and I try to let it.

I'll be back to posting sketches next week.   I'll be at the Hyde Park Village Art Fair  this weekend in Tampa.  Hope to see you there!

- Linda

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