Friday, March 16, 2012

Venice Stroll

When I'm not happy with a painting, I know it's not in the details, so I look for larger elements that aren't working.  Somehow the last painting didn't work as well as I hoped; I think it didn't have enough large unifying shapes. 

So I decided to try this scene, also in Venice.  I love the shape of the darkness under the bridge and the spots of greenery and the flowers.  This one I'm pleased with and I've already started the 30x40 version. I like to do a sketch before I tackle a large painting, for just that reason.  I can resolve a lot of composition, value and color issues in the small version much easier than the large one.  Painting is hard enough;  I'll do whatever it takes to make it easier.


1 comment:

Kaethe Bealer said...

This painting works very well! I want to be there!

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