Friday, May 4, 2012

Back Street Venice

Recognize this couple?  It's the same couple I put crossing the bridge in Venice a few posts back.  When you have a good reference photo, I say make use of it!  In the other painting I gave her a dress, and in this one I turned her shorts into a skirt.

This was actually the location that I photographed them in; the back streets of the Castello section of Venice.  The buildings were three stories tall and hanging over the street were lines and lines of laundry.  It was much less busy than St. Marks Square area and made me feel like I was seeing the real Venice.  I cropped the image to put the focus on the couple.

This is the painting that I started in my demo for the North Tampa Arts League.  To see the photos, visit my Facebook page: Linda Hugues Studio.

- Linda

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