Friday, May 11, 2012

Villa Borghese Garden

Chris and I love the Borghese Gallery in Rome.  It's a huge, elegant mansion that belonged to a Cardinal and is now a museum filled with world-class Baroque sculpture, paintings and furnishings.  Chris' favorites are the sculptures by Bernini, especially his statue of Apollo chasing Daphne.  I love the paintings by Caravaggio and the incredible painted ceilings.

We visited the museum last May and afterwards we enjoy walking through the villa's gardens, which are now a huge park open to the public.  I snapped this mother and child enjoying the fountain behind the museum on that sunny day.

- Linda

1 comment:

Kaethe Bealer said...

I like your candid moments that you are capturing in your paintings. Your colors are great too! Warm sunny days come through.

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