Thursday, June 28, 2012

Prefecture de Police - Paris

This is the Prefecture of Police near the Citi Metro stop.  It's one of the few with the original art nouveau Metro signs.  I like the swirling organic stems and leaves made of beautiful dusty blue green metal, which matched the roof of the building.

In front of the Prefecture is an outdoor market of plants, flowers and shrubs.  When you come of the metro, for an instant you're not sure you're still in Paris because of all the greenery and the smell of earth.


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Chris Hugues said...

And yet, you're about a half a block from Notre Dame! They proposed moving the flower market away from that area a few years ago so they could use the valuable real estate for something else (maybe a Starbucks?), but there was such an uproar from the locals that they decided to leave it just where it was! Flowers trump Starbucks every time!!

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