Friday, June 8, 2012

Sunday Snooze - Rome

This was a Sunday morning in Rome.  As American tourists on our last day, we weren't about to waste our remaining precious hours lazing in bed, so we were up and on our way.  I noticed this man reading the paper with his dog.  The dog looks thoroughly bored, but still the loose leash tells me that the owner trusts him not to run away.  Perhaps they have an understanding; first read the paper, then a walk in the park.

Actually, Chris and I are just back from our latest trip to the continent; two weeks in France, capped with two days at Roland Garros (the French Open Tennis tournament).  I did lots of water color sketches which you'll be seeing in my weekly posts.  And I have 800 plus photographs that will become source material for oil paintings like this one.  Once I get over my jet lag, I am absolutely going to get started.



Kaethe Bealer said...

What a great artist life you have! Traveling, gathering wonderful resource material! I really like this painting! Great composition. I like where you put the figure. :)

Regina said...

Hello Linda, thanks for stopping by my blog. It was good meeting you on Saturday. Enjoy your painting sessions in San Francisco, looking forward to reading about your trip.

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