Sunday, July 29, 2012

China Camp Beach - San Rafael, CA

OK, last post from the workshop.  This was my last painting on the last day.  I had resisted painting the ramshackle buildings that make up the center of China Camp, a former shrimp fishing village that thrived in the 1880's.  The story is fascinating, but I'm not big on painting run-down anything.  I wouldn't normally choose to paint a rusting tractor or a rustic barn.  But I did relent here, because I wanted to stretch myself, and work the way Tim Horn works, which is with big shapes and strong shadow.  He says it can be powerful to have the bits in light be much smaller than the shadow masses and I wanted to try it.

So here, since we're looking at the shadow side of the building and the background tree masses, the only things in light are the foreground beach the umbrella and the roof.  And of course the bird.  He was really there for quite some time, but not long enough to paint.  I put him in later from a photo, and he's my favorite part!

- Linda


Blanche Niznik said...

I think it's a delightful painting Linda. Good strong colors. You've captured this scene well.

Linda Hugues said...

Thanks, Blanche. Seeing it again makes me want to be back there!

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