Sunday, July 15, 2012

From the Hill - San Rafael CA

This is one of my paintings from a terrific plein air (outdoor) workshop I took a few weeks back from Tim Horn, a wonderful landscape painter.  I really admire his work, especially his strong compositions and his ability to capture a sense of light.

The view is looking north across San Pablo bay.  I like the shape of the trees against the sky and the land tumbling down to the rocks below.  It was strong sunlight and I was trying to capture those harsh shadows to explain the terrain.

The workshop was in San Rafael, about 45 minutes north of San Francisco.  It was three days, in a beautiful place called China Camp State Park,  which had been the location for a Chinese shrimp fishing village in the 1880's.  The park had a picturesque, rocky beach, and views of rustic cabins and work buildings.

This is Tim, doing one of, I think five demonstrations.  It's always fascinating to watch someone paint, especially if I'm a big fan, because I want to know how does he DO that??  Notice how far he stands from his canvas, and how he grips his brush from the end.  He says this keeps his strokes loose and helps him not get too nit-picky.  He starts on a toned ground, draws loosely and then masses in the shadows in ultramarine.  And makes it look very easy.  Ha!

More about the workshop next week!

- Linda


Kaethe Bealer said...

So glad you liked Tim! I love your painting! Such a successful composition filled with wonderful color!

Linda Hugues said...

Thanks so much for the recommendation!! Tim was wonderful and a great, generous teacher.

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