Saturday, July 7, 2012

Notre Dame - Paris

Sorry for the late post.  I'm just back from a great week in San Francisco, one of my favorite cities.  I was visiting family and taking a terrific workshop with Tim Horn.  Details next week!

When I see Notre Dame I think of the generations of Parisians who worked on the cathedral, knowing it would never be completed in their lifetime.  And of the generations who lived in the shadow of this magnificent structure and felt proud of what it symbolized about their city and their faith in God.  Even today, surrounded by a much bigger, modern city, Notre Dame reserves her corner of peace and beauty.  My favorite  views of Notre Dame are from the side and back, where you can see all the complex roof lines and the flying buttresses.  From there the view is framed by towering trees amidst a tranquil garden.

- Linda

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