Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chateau du Chambord - Chambord

This is one huge castle, even more impressive because it stands alone in a vast grassy field that ends in a moat around the walls.

It was begun by the French king Francis I when he was 25 years old, and originally intended as a hunting lodge.  However, the design was altered considerably during the twenty years of its construction, and clearly, a desire to make it imposing and impressive overtook any sporting function.

The coolest thing about this chateau is a double helix spiral staircase that's in the very center of the keep. It's in the Italian Renaissance style and there is a theory that it was designed by Leonardo Da Vinci.  The inside of the chateau has 440 rooms and 282 fireplaces.  Needless to say, we only saw a fraction. 

I also loved the rooftop terraces that give spectacular views of the castle and the surrounding forests.

- Linda

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