Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jardin des Prés-Fichaux - Bourges

Jardin des Prés-Fichaux - Bourges, watercolor 5x7

We stayed two nights in Bourges, France, a charming small town filled with medieval half-timber houses.  It's famous for its huge Gothic cathedral, St. Etienne, that stands in the middle of town.  It's towering walls enclose beautiful stained glass windows that are almost all original, rare because most European cathedrals were badly damaged during WWII.

But I wasn't able to sketch the cathedral because, as in most medieval towns, the cathedral was built cheek by jowl with the surrounding houses.  I just couldn't get far enough away to get a good view!

I had to wait until the next day when, on the outskirts of town, Chris and I found the charming Jardin des Prés Fichaux, an unusual garden created in 1923 in the Art Deco style.  The designed is very structured with rectangular lawns, lines of colorful rosebushes, and hedges clipped into geometric shapes like these arches.  I liked this view with the rooftops of Bourges in the distance.

- Linda

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