Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Leonardo's Gardens - France

I loved this huge dog, who was visiting the gardens of the Chateau du Clos LucĂ© with his friends.  This was Leonardo da Vinci's home in France for the last few years of his life and is now a wonderful, educational museum. The building has a expansive lawn sloping away from the chateau, with benches for taking a break and admiring the charming building from a distance (and petting your dog).

In back and off to the side are paths in the woods that wind around full scale models of some of Leonardo's most famous inventions, as well as huge translucent canvases illustrating aspects of the artist's work. Wandering through the landscaped walks, you turn a corner and come upon a Renaissance era helicopter or a huge catapult.

It's fascinating and fun--the man was so far ahead of his time--and the kids love climbing over the tanks and flying machines.


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