Sunday, December 2, 2012

Coquina Beach - Florida

This is my favorite sketch from the visit to Longboat Key.  It was the second half of the perfect beach day.  After a morning swim and a poolside lunch of excellent veggie burgers, Chris and I decided to go to St. Armand's Circle to do some shopping.  But on the way he had to take a conference call, so we decided to make a stop at this beautiful empty beach on the Key.  While Chris talked, I sat on a picnic table and sketched this scene.  I liked the lone bather with the umbrellas in the background.

I rarely ask people if I can draw them when I'm doing sketches.  They would become self conscious and I'd probably lose the pose that attracted me in the first place.  Besides, it's never a portrait; you really couldn't recognize them. And I don't show them the sketch afterwards, unless they ask.  I guess I assume they wouldn't like the rendering, the same way most people don't like photos of themselves. Although--as Chris pointed out--this one ended up thinner than she actually was, so maybe she would have liked it.

- Linda

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