Friday, February 1, 2013


"Lunch at Fougéres" 8x8 oil - sold

Fougéres is a wonderful town in France where we stopped for lunch.  It has a large fortified castle surrounded by a moat.  After passing through the castle gates, we walked up a steep road that curved around the town, finally ending in a central square where three neighboring restaurants all had tables and umbrellas.  We made the right choice of restaurants, because we had an absolutely wonderful lunch of galettes (buckwheat crêpes)–egg, tomato and onion for me; tomatoes and mushrooms for Chris–with salad and crêpes for dessert.

Then we took the back way down again, which has terraced public parks with fabulous views of the surrounding countryside like this one.

"Fougéres Countryside" 5x7 watercolor

– Linda

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