Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lunch on the River–Bayoux, France

Lunch on the River–Bayoux, France, 5x7, watercolor

Wouldn't this be a lovely spot to have lunch?  This is Bayoux, France, home of the famous Bayoux Tapestry that recorded the Battle of Hasting in 1066, a turning point in British History.  (You remember that from history class, don't you?)

The tapestry is medieval masterpiece that tells the story of William the Conquer's Norman-French forces defeating the English, which allowed him the become first Norman king of England.  After viewing the 224 ft long tapestry, visitors usually see the museum's movie about the battle.  However, I felt that the scenes of the bloody battle were gory enough as told in embroidery on linen, so I skipped the movie and went outside.  I found a tree that was bent absolutely sideways--perfect for sitting--and painted this pretty view of the restaurant.

More views of charming Bayoux, France.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Off the Boulevard - Paris

"Off the Boulevard–Paris", 8x8 oil

This is a little cafe right across from Sainte Chapelle which is on Ile de la Cite in Paris, a stone's throw from Notre Dame.  I stood there forever trying to snap an interesting moment with the waiter.  (Probably that's why the guy on the left was looking at me) I just love the contrast of his black vest against his white shirt and long white apron.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Conversation - Mont St. Michel

Because we stayed overnight on Mont St. Michel we had the place to ourselves in the evening after the day-trippers had left.  And early the next morning it was so lovely to wander the quiet ramparts and narrow streets, and really appreciate the charm of this French village built around its towering monastery.  The tidal island is very tiny and houses are crammed together cheek-by-jowel, but on our walks we still discovered several green terraces and even a little cemetery.

Jesseca, our guide for the tour of the abbey, was wonderful. We learned that there are now only a small handful of nuns and priests based on the Mont, so when I saw these two on one of the alleys, I had to snap a photo.  I wonder what they were discussing.


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