Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Where the Road Turns–Nicasio,CA

"Where the Road Turns–Nicasio, CA" 8x10, oil

On the third day of the Tim Horn plein air workshop, we drove through the winding roads of Marin County to the tiny town of Nicasio.  How tiny?  Just big enough to have a center square, a cute church, a general store and restaurant, a baseball field, and a handful of small houses, all surrounded by beautiful hills.

Tim did a demo for us, making it look easy as usual, and then we set off on our own to paint.  I chose this view because I liked the shapes of the two roofs against the large tree with the hills in the background.  When I started this painting, the shadows looked just like this.  Luckily I took a photo for reference and painted the house first, because by the time I finished–two hours later–the front face of the house was entirely in shadow.  That's plein air painting for you.  You have to expect things to change and plan ahead.


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