Thursday, May 1, 2014

"Cecelia and Sam"

"Cecelia and Sam", 16x20, oil

This is a recent portrait created from a series of photos by my client.  As you can see she did a great job of choosing outfits for her children, and setting up the lighting and the pose.  In the end I combined two photos and tweaked Sam and Cecelia's children's position a bit to create the composition.  And I modified the colors to give the feeling of that golden Florida sun.

My client was ecstatic with the result.  She said "Linda created a composite that perfectly captures not only the likeness of my children, but also the essence of their personalities and relationship to each other.  Linda's artistry is so detailed and yet somehow ethereal.   I know I will continue to treasure this portrait as a reminder of these sweet baby years as my children grow and change." Wow. It makes me a bit teary-eyed to re-read that!


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