Friday, July 25, 2014

After and Before

"After–Watross Ave." 8x10 oil

"Before-Watross Ave." 10x12 oil

This was a fun project.  My client wanted a portrait of their beautiful house on a quiet street in Hyde Park.  We picked this view because it highlighted the front porch and the huge oak. (The clients said they hadn't gotten around to trimming up the branches, so I went ahead and did it in the painting.)  This view also hints at the additions that have been made by several owners; enlarging at the top, the side and the back.

When I was finished, my clients decided it would be fun to have a portrait of the original house.  They were able to find a black and white photo in the Tampa library's historical records showing the house soon after it was built in January 1929.  As you can see it's just a small simple house design, with same front gable over the porch as today.  I had to add a few young trees to the composition, as the photo showed very little in the way of trees or landscaping.  The neighborhood must have looked very different than today's street lined with huge mature trees.


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