Thursday, September 4, 2014

To Each His Own - Paris

"To Each His Own - Paris", oil, 30x30

For me, one of the most magical places in Paris is the Jardin du Luxembourg, especially in the late afternoon.  The gardens belong to the Palais du Luxembourg, which was originally designed for Marie De M├ędici, the mother of Louis XIII, and it is now the seat of the French Senate.  The 25-hectare gardens, which are open to the public, are stunning, filled with green lawns, flower beds, terraces, statues, and large ponds where children can sail model boats.

I love it because not only is it very beautiful, but it is excellent people watching as Parisians and tourists enjoy these manicured grounds designed to charm and delight the French royalty. Late on a summer afternoon you see people strolling, reading, and chatting together in small mellow groups, all  enjoying the golden sunlight.  And there are hundreds of sturdy green chairs for anyone that wants to claim one and drag it to a favorite spot to have a snooze.

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