Friday, April 24, 2015

"The Stine Family"

"The Stine Family" 40x60 oil

Composite Photo

This is my largest commissioned portrait to date, a 40x60 oil painting of a the Stine family,  consisting of five grown children, two parents and two dogs. It began with a series of photos by my fabulous Tampa photographer Kristina Houser, taken in the family's beautiful backyard that looks out on a canal. We worked on two separate days since it was impossible to coordinate everyone's schedules. Then I worked the magic of Photoshop to combine the favorite shots of each person into one perfect composite photo.

I wanted to arrange the family to create an arrangement that moves your eye around the canvas. As you can see, I had people sit at different heights and at different angles. I'm very pleased with how the different lines of arms and legs mirrors each other and create a rhythm in the painting. I also like how the dominance of blue and green sets off their golden skin tones and the warm colors in their hair. You'll see I changed and darkened some of the clothing in the painting to bring the focus to the mother who sits on the right side.

It took many months to finish this large piece, but in the end the family was very pleased with the painting and it now hangs in a position of honor in their entry hall. 

- Linda


Roxanne Willms said...

Absolutely Gorgeous Linda!! The family must be thrilled!
Roxanne Willms

Kaethe Bealer said...

Stellar work! I admire your ability to paint large and paint well! Beautiful!

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